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See a practitioner. Take a class. Grow your business. Rent our event space. For over 15 years, Heartwood has provided a beautiful, compassionate and safe place for people to come and explore all levels of healing. We are committed to providing excellence in holistic health services, classes and events to the Evanston and greater Chicagoland area.

“Heartwood was created for you. We hope to see you here soon.” – Nancy Floy, Founder & Director

What’s Happening at Heartwood

The classroom was quiet. College students sat in a circle, eyes closed. Several legs jittered up and down. A few sat still as stones. This was week three of...

The Archangels are the overseers of humankind and the guardian angels. They are limitless beings who can be with each of us simultaneously. Each Archangel has...

A hands-on workshop with Becky Paulin-Liston & Jan Ellenstein developed to expose young women to healthy, healing and empowering strategies for self-care....

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