“Heartwood is an incredible resource to have in our community. I have been going to Tai Chi class for over ten years now. Arlene Faulk is a wonderful teacher and a powerful example of how Tai Chi can affect a person’s life. I love this class!! I have also been seeing Nancy Floy for several years and have experienced profoundly improved health from her acupuncture and bodywork. I have, in addition, had several massages with Louise Rosenberg, who is very talented. I would HIGHLY recommend the services of Heartwood.” -Denise K.

“Mark [Sobralske] is caring, helpful, knowledgeable and kind. He knows how to help me and was especially great with my two teen daughters., whom he also treats. He adjusts his treatment as needed, responds quickly to questions and requests and couldn’t be a better help in our ongoing need for holistic, caring, alternative health care. I would recommend him at any time for any age. We have used him for both acupuncture and herbal supplements.” -Anonymous

“Nancy Floy is a very gifted healer. She has helped me learn how to live in my body and has been a constant support. Nancy was THE catalyst in my moving from decades of chronic health issues to a life of great health. My cup overflows with gratitude for Nancy!” -Arlene F.

“I first contacted Psychotherapist Marsha [Smith] because I was looking for someone to guide me in navigating my innermost desires and needs and to help me find a sense of direction and control in my life. Marsha has an intuitive sense of how to gently guide me to help myself and find clarity in my thinking. Marsha is a compassionate listener and a caring and kind person. I am truly grateful to have found Marsha. I would recommend her to anyone in need of an advocate of his or her own spirit and inner knowing. Marsha will listen to, respect and empower you.” -JB

“The trip was flawless. I would love to do a longer trip. I can’t say enough in praise for my experience with John Lamberger and Renewal in the Wilderness.” -Eric S.

“The more I practice Tai Chi, the more it becomes part of my life. I feel more in control of my place in the world and in the flow of things in general. Tai Chi is a real-world example of how life works, how energy flows. Thank you for teaching these classes and giving me the chance to use my limited physical abilities in the best way.” -Tom S.

“Through learning Focusing with Marsha [Smith], I’ve become aware there is a lot more to being me. In being open to more areas of my experience, I’ve become a more complete, whole person.” -VH

“At Heartwood, I have had the chance to expand my network beyond the mental health field. I have collaborated with acupuncturists, yoga instructors, massage therapists and meditation teachers. I have been able to refer my clients to their services and thus provide truly holistic care. In addition, I have received a number of referrals from other practitioners.

Heartwood Center is well-known and respected within the Evanston and Northshore communities and this has helped to increase the visibility of my practice. In addition to the hundreds of people who attend various appointments and classes at the center each week, Heartwood has its own website and marketing events that promote my services. At the same time, I am completely in control of my practice and have been able to rapidly grow my caseload in a relatively short period of time. In Heartwood, I have found a place that fulfills my need for community and collaboration, helps me grow my practice and at the same time, allows me the flexibility, financial benefits and independence that I was missing working at a clinic.” -Lori A.

“A friend introduced me to Terri [Clemens] as I began treatment for breast cancer. I am sure that her therapy helped to minimize the side effects of my treatment. Three years later I continue to see her every week primarily to subdue hot flashes, but also for headache relief and general aches and pains. The wonderful feeling of relaxation is a treasured side effect!” -MC

“To work with Paige [Temple] is to go on a powerful, positive energy journey. Her generous spirituality infuses her work, with your body and soul being the beneficiary.” -Sally L.

“David Johnson, body-centered psychotherapist, offers deep healing. After 25 years of 12-Step recovery, several stints in therapy, and workshops galore, I understood a lot about my issues. But understanding did not bring resolution. David brings his own life experience and years of practice to his methods of deep emotional healing. I am now letting go of the past and living more as who I really am in the present.” -JM

“I’ve been going to Lori Howell for over 3 years now. From the very first appointment I knew that I could trust Lori with my care. It’s rare to find a practitioner that is so dedicated and so confident in her craft. I especially find comfort in Lori’s spirit and in the space she has created at Heartwood. Lori’s peaceful temperament is an enhancement to each session. She really listens to what you have to say before she begins. I work at a healing facility myself, and when clients ask for a referral, without question, we hand them one of Lori’s cards. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have Lori in my life.” -Trish T.

“The Heartwood Center is more than a place to do business. It is a community, a place for professionals to practice, thrive, and be supported. The Heartwood Center fills a much needed role in today’s world, truly exploring what integrative healthcare means to both patient and practitioner. The facility itself is warm and welcoming. I consider myself lucky to be part of such an amazing group of professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise and to have such a beautiful space to practice.” -Sarah McLaughlin

“I love my Thai bodywork with Lori! She is very compassionate, has an amazing range of skills and always tailors her treatment to my specific needs. I leave Lori’s peaceful treatment room saying, ‘I feel wonderful.'” -Arlene F.

“Terri did acupuncture to help heal a stress fracture in my husband’s foot. She provided excellent care and was able to work around his schedule to fit him in for several appointments. Also, she is very kind.” -Denise K.

“When I was looking for a space to start my practice on the North Shore, I had a choice of starting my own private practice, or working in a hospital setting. I chose Heartwood. Two key things about Heartwood Center’s business model were very attractive to me.

1) Heartwood Center comes with a built-in network of professionals. Heartwood’s in-house network of colleagues has allowed me to make some of the best reciprocal business relationships that I still have today. 2) While Heartwood Center is a community, each individual practitioner is still free to run their own business, their own way.

These two components combined have allowed me to grow my practice to full capacity in a short amount of time while retaining all the freedom in the world to design my practice the way I want to.” -Mark Sobralske