Special Summer Event: Chi Gong and Tai Chi with Grandmaster Hongchao Zhang

Posted on June 6, 2017

Come celebrate Summer by getting your chi flowing at these special Heartwood seminars! Whether you take one of the seminars or both, you will feel the benefits of these beautiful Chinese martial arts forms.

Seminar One: Summer Chi Gong for the Heart

This is a special Chi Gong form created by Grandmaster Zhang, based on his expertise in both Chi Gong and traditional Chinese medicine.

When Chi is in balance, the body is healthy. When Chi is out of balance, blocked, or depleted, sickness can result. Chi Gong works on the balance of energy to maintain a healthy body. In Traditional Chinese medicine, the heart rules the body and is the root of life. In Five Elements theory, the heart’s element is Fire, giving light and illumination, and its season is Summer. Grandmaster Zhang, who is an expert acupuncturist, created his Heart Chi Gong to follow the heart meridian and connect it to other meridians, as well. Now is the time to rebuild the energy expended during the months of Winter and Spring with Chi Gong for the Heart.

Seminar Two: 13-Step Tai Chi

13-Step is the oldest of all Tai Chi forms, dating back thousands of years. It is the “mother” of all other Tai Chi forms, as well as of Push Hands, containing the 13 foundational postures of Tai Chi (ward off, roll back, elbow strike, and so on).

It also is one of the least-studied Tai Chi forms, and is seldom taught in the United States. Come learn this rare and ancient form of martial arts and experience its benefits!

About the Instructor:

Grandmaster Hongchao Zhang holds Bachelors and Graduate degrees in Gong Fu from the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education and the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education. He has taught Chi Gong, Tai Chi, and Gongfu extensively in China and the United States, and has published on these subjects. He was named an Outstanding Master by the USA Wushu-Kungfu Federation, is a multiple Gold Medalist, and is a renowned judge at national and international competitions. He is also an expert in Chinese medicine. He teaches in Chicago.

Date: Sunday, July 9

Time: Chi Gong, 2-3:00; Tai Chi, 3-4:00

Location: The Heartwood Center, 1818 Dempster, Evanston (Skylight Room)

Cost for advance registration and payment: $40 per seminar, $75 for both

Pay at the door: $50 per seminar, $95 for both

To register, contact Michelle Bobier at michellebobier@me.com or 773-991-4357

Michelle Bobier

Michelle Bobier has been studying Tai Chi and Chi Gong for over 20 years with Master Hongchao Zhang, one of the leading Chinese martial arts masters in America.  Master Zhang awarded Michelle a Sixth Duan in Chi Gong in 2015.  Michelle is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist who completed the 700-hour BCST training at 3rd Coast Craniosacral of Evanston.  Additionally, she studied lymphatic work at the School of Inner health in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  

Credentials: BCST

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