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Sheri Reda

Sheri is a Life-Cycle Celebrant® certified to create and perform weddings, funerals, ceremonies across the life cycle, and healing ceremonies. She also offers inner accompaniment / spiritual direction to clients who are working to align themselves with their life’s path. Sheri brings more than twenty years of experience as a writer, editor, and performer to her work. In addition to certifications from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, she draws from her non-creedal seminary degree, which includes spiritual direction and focusing work. Sheri also makes liberal use of her background in theatre and storytelling. She believes every story—funny, challenging, or sad—is sacred.

Credentials: MA, MLIS, MAR

773-203-4631 | Email

Paula M. Rosenfeld

Paula is a Certified Intrinsic Coach® and has over 20 years experience helping with physical, mental, and spiritual challenges. Her coaching and subtle energy healing support others in awakening potential for happy, healthy living. Paula utilizes ancient shamanic techniques of soul retrieval and extraction to heal trauma in adults, children, and animals. Paula also gives clairvoyant readings and chakra/aura clearings, which assist in shifting sabotaging patterns and relationship issues, and exploring options for decision-making.

Credentials: Certified Intrinsic Coach®

773.791.8425 | Email | Website