Mindfulness Meditation

Nancy Floy

Nancy Floy ​was raised by her Grandmother, a Meditation Teacher, and received meditation instruction from her as a small child. She has studied with many of the great Mediation Teachers world wide and is currently a student of Tibetan Buddhism under the guidance of Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche. Nancy has taught meditation for over 20 years and knows through personal experience the potency of learning mindfulness techniques as a way out of our suffering. Nancy has been practicing Asian Medicine for 25 years and sees patients at Heartwood where she incorporates mindfulness techniques into her healing treatments. She is the Founder and Director of Heartwood Body Mind Spirit and the Women & Cancer Program, as well as the Founder of Tsogyaling Meditation Center, now Osel Ling.

Credentials: MA, LAc, Dipl Ac

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David Johnson

David is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with additional training in addictions, hypnotherapy, Gestalt therapy and Self Acceptance Training. He holds a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago. For over 20 years, David has counseled individuals, couples and groups regarding issues including addictions and recovery work, identity, codependency, self-care, relationship issues, personal growth, and spiritual awareness.  David utilizes a wholistic approach, recognizing that healing needs to take place in the mind, body, spirit and emotions.  Special guided imagery techniques are available for individuals with chronic illness. David has hours available Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings.

Credentials: LCSW

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Melissa Sanchez

Melissa Sanchez is a dance/movement therapist, meditation teacher and life-long dance artist. Since graduating from Columbia College Chicago, she has worked in community mental health centers throughout the city providing counsel, education in mindfulness meditation, body/mind connective therapy and support in recovery from substance dependence and the effects of chronic mental illness or dis-ease. In addition to her education in dance/movement therapy and counseling, Melissa is the grateful recipient of training in the applications of meditation and mindfulness practices in psychotherapy from the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Massachusetts. Her practice is stemmed in trauma-focused healing as well as providing holistic therapy alongside “diagnosis” related treatment. Melissa’s creative therapeutic approach is rooted in the belief that each individual possesses the power to heal when provided with a safe, trustworthy and unbiased environment. She is a strong proponent of providing access to quality healthcare and healing services to all people regardless of income or socioeconomic background. In addition to her love of therapeutic practices, Melissa continues to dance professionally with Evanston-based enidsmithdance, loves blues and rock music and can often be found giggling with her adorable daughter.

Credentials: LCPC, BC-DMT, GL-CMA

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Marsha Smith

As a psychotherapist for 25 years, I integrate Mindfulness and Focusing with empathic and practical approaches to help with a variety of psychological and social challenges, including relationships issues, anxiety, depression, parenting, work, loss and grief, and coping well with health issues. I work with adults, couples, adolescents and families. I also teach Focusing and mindfulness, one-to-one and in groups and offer training and supervision for professional healers.  With Focusing and mindfulness skills, you can build your inner ability to deal with stress and frustration with more calm and take  the next steps to creatively solve problems. I’ve found that three sessions, on average, can allow people to acquire the basic skills. Please contact me if you would like to know more and I would be happy to answer your questions.

From comments from a client:  “Marsha has an intuitive sense of how to gently guide me to help myself and find clarity in my thinking. She leads me to insights and ‘solutions’ that I find within myself.  I would recommend her to anyone in need of an advocate of his or her own spirit and inner knowing” -JB

Credentials: MSW, LCSW

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